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Alternative Methods of Marketing Your Healthcare Business When You Can't Get Out to Network

Posted by Amanda Young

With the growing fears around the Coronavirus, many companies have placed a travel ban. And unfortunately, most trade shows and conferences have decided to either postpone or cancel their events as well.

If you're like our healthcare B2B clients, we know that you have spent a lot of time, money, and effort preparing for these upcoming conferences.

What can you do to advertise your services and make network connections remotely?

Don't worry! We've come up with a list of alternative methods for salvaging your hard-earned efforts.

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Your Complete Guide to Conducting Connect Calls the Inbound Way

Posted by Carol Bourque

Recently, I had the privilege to be included in a pipeline generation boot camp hosted by Dan Tyre of HubSpot. Our focus was on building the skills needed for inbound selling through outreach to the right leads and a process to keep the fires warm. Of particular interest to me was the specific steps of working through a connect call.

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Responsive Design Isn't Enough. You Need to Create a Remarkable Mobile Experience.

Responsive website design is all the rage. All the cool kids are doing it. This shift to accommodate all screen sizes is a good thing. It makes surfing the web on your smartphone or tablet much more accessible.

Savvy marketers want to do more than shrink a site to work decently on a smaller screen. They want to create a remarkable mobile experience.

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Sales and Marketing must work together. When they don't, businesses can end up on the road to failure.

We're in the age of the educated buyer. Hardly anyone makes a purchase of any size anymore without doing some research online before buying. This shift in buying behavior means that marketing and sales processes have to change as well. Brute force sales methods only work up to a point. Modern sales and marketing teams need good lead intelligence. They need to work together to get it.

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6 Essential Steps to a Successful Rebrand

At some point in the lifecycle of almost every company, a rebrand becomes the right choice to move forward. Lots of reasons may lead to a rebrand decision.

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Wait, Are Keywords Dead? Not Necessarily, but Topic Clusters Are the SEO of 2018

As content marketers, we live and die by Google's algorithms. Recent years have shown us a shift in the way Google handles keywords and their relationship with search. The old tried-and-true method of creating lots of pages that rank for specific keywords is no longer the best way to get found.

So what is? Topic clusters. What are those? Glad you asked.

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Topics: SEO, Topic Clusters, Keywords

A Culture that Elevates People is the Crucible Where Good Brands Are Created

What’s your company’s most important brand asset?

I sure hope your reply was your people. I hear people categorized with buzzwords like human capital, personnel, and even FTEs (full-time employees) all the time, but none of those give warm fuzzies. In fact, they are meant to do the opposite. They create distance between you and the people that work for you.

I think it's crucial to remember that above all else; employees are people first. They have feelings, families, dreams, and goals. In today's business world, this line of thinking often gets lost, but that's not the only thing missing when your people are just titles in an organization chart. Whether you are a massive global conglomerate or the smallest family business, you can't build a timeless brand without a culture that celebrates and elevates your people.

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Happy New Year from The XK3 Agency!

With a new year comes the optimism that we have new opportunities to perhaps fix the things that didn't go as we planned last year and improve upon the things that went well. It is a clean slate, a new beginning!

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Happy Holidays from The XK3 Agency

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Content Marketing for the Buyer's Journey Part 3: The Decision Stage

In the first two Content Marketing articles, we discussed both the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer's journey. We touched on the types of content work well for each. We'll dive into the decision stage in this final article of the series, but first, let's do a quick recap of where we started.

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