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Sales and Marketing must work together. When they don't, businesses can end up on the road to failure.

We're in the age of the educated buyer. Hardly anyone makes a purchase of any size anymore without doing some research online before buying. This shift in buying behavior means that marketing and sales processes have to change as well. Brute force sales methods only work up to a point. Modern sales and marketing teams need good lead intelligence. They need to work together to get it.

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Content Marketing for the Buyer's Journey Part 3: The Decision Stage

In the first two Content Marketing articles, we discussed both the awareness and consideration stages of the buyer's journey. We touched on the types of content work well for each. We'll dive into the decision stage in this final article of the series, but first, let's do a quick recap of where we started.

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Content Marketing for The Buyer's Journey Part 2: The Consideration Stage

Consideration stage content has one primary purpose, to compare and contrast various solutions to a known problem or opportunity. Information at this Content Marketing stage should still be educational. It should help prospects decide what to do next.

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Content Marketing for The Buyer's Journey Part 1: The Awareness Stage

Content Marketing might mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but most people agree on one thing. A good content marketing plan should include content for each of the three stages of the buyer's journey. 

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What Star Wars Can Teach Us About Content Marketing

There are a lot of new terms being thrown around marketing circles these days. Content marketing may seem innovative, but the concept has been around for generations. Anyone that tells you it's new is spinning a wild yarn. Content marketing is older than any person alive for a reason. It works.

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